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08/31/2003 Glacier art added
11/23/2002 Zuidi drawings added
02/10/2000 BaltoWulfe drawings added
02/10/2000 Anubis drawings added
09/19/99 Lisa's drawings added
08/29/99 MaxWolf's drawings added


01/18/99 Blair's drawing added
11/06/98 Husky's drawings added to the fan art section  
10/17/98 New links added  
08/16/98 Shenandoah's art page added
08/13/98 Balto & Lost In Space part 3 added
08/13/98 New Fanfic A Newcomer from the Shadows added
07/18/98 Tails Drawings added
06/28/98 Balto & Lost In Space Crossover added
05/02/98 New awesome WhiteWolf drawings added
05/02/98 Balto costume page added
01/16/98 excellent fanfic added: Balto and Starwars crossover
01/16/98 Balto track 11
12/23/97 New James horner music added
10/16/97 Unicorn's Art
09/30/97 Balto musics page added
09/18/97 White Wolf drawings added to the Fan Art section
08/31/97 My drawings added to the Fan Art section
08/31/97 Margaret Petrie's Balto art page created


08/31/97 Balto Page Created

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