(This story is taken from the summer blockbuster movie, also based on the
60s TV sitcom series...It is a 3-Part comic book series which picks up where
LOST IN SPACE the movie left off.  Here is the cast of canine actors
portraying the SPACE FAMILY ROBINSONS...)

Professor John Robinson as Balto
Don West as Kaltag
Maureen Robinson as Jenna
Zachery Smith as Steele
Penny Robinson as Dixie
Will Robinson as Star
Judy Robinson as *Angel Anabelle*
Robot as Terminator T-800
*Anabelle is an angel-dog whippet from the animated All Dogs Go To Heaven,
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 and the All Dogs Go To Heaven Animated Series on FOX*

                                        PART 1
(Scene opens in outer space...The starship WOLF-2 is still flying thru
hyperspace/lightspeed after escaping the destruction of an alien planet
where Balto met his son, the older version of Star who vowed to return home
to save his family and stop the mission...He also battled an alien
hybrid-monster version of Steele who planned on conquering earth with his
alien spider children!  In the end, Balto defeated the Monster-Steele,
rescued Star who in turn used his time-machine to return his father back to
his family so they could escape.  Here is the final moments in the movie of
that scenario!)

STAR: (To his father) Don't make me wait another millenium to let you know
how much you cared about me, GO!
(Star pushed Balto thru the portal.  The commander fell thru into the ship
where Jenna, Dixie, Kaltag and Anabelle rush to greet him.  The older Star
then shouts with happiness at seeing his mother, daughter alive again)
STAR: MOM!  Dixie!  Anabelle!  You're alive, you're all alive again!
(Shocked Jenna looks up at the older Star as does Dixie, Anabelle and
Kaltag.  Balto calls out to his son reaching out to him)
BALTO: Come with us!
STAR: I can't! (Explosions go off around him) There was only enough power
for one person to make one trip remember?!
JENNA: (Stunned) Star??? (She can't believe she is looking at her son who is
now older-looking)
STAR: Yes mom, it's me.  It's good to see you, it's good to see you again.
(As the gateway begins to close he cries out reaching out to his mother,
tears falling down his face) PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME! (Then the portal closes
and he is GONE)

(Now the comic-story begins with the WOLF-2 emerging from the other side of
hyperspace...Unfortunately the family are still LOST IN SPACE trying to find
Alpha Prime the planet where the family would begin colonizing and then
other families of earth would begin live on a new world)

JENNA: Where are we?
BALTO: Could be anywhere.  Let's get our bearings here.
(Suddenly the Terminator T-800 shouts an alarm)
(The starship encounters an asteroid field)
KALTAG: (Fighting the controls) Asteroids!  I can't get control of the ship.
(Inside his prison cell Dr. Steele is thrown about the cabin striking the wall)
KALTAG: Okay I got her under control again.
(More explosions hit the hull as rock debris bounce off its shields)
ANABELLE: Got her under control eh? (Whippet teases husky) I see you have
the same effect on all canine women.
DIXIE: Eeeeee! (She cries in shock seeing asteroids continue to impact
against the shields)
(Finally the WOLF-2 clears the field and breaks into space once again)
KALTAG: Looks like we're out of it.  Rocky start there but I always get her
to do what I want in the end.
BALTO: Can we save the innuendo until we figure out what's going on here?
KALTAG: (Appologizes) I'm sorry boss.
ANABELLE: (Paws folded, smiling evilly) You got that right.
BALTO: Is everybody all right? (Calls out to rest of family-crew)
JENNA: I'm fine over here.
DIXIE: Me too daddy.
STAR: I'm okay dad.
(Just then Steele emerges onto the bridge)
STEELE: (Mocking) Not that anyone cares, but I seem to have pulled through
our little roller-coaster ride relatively unscathed.  Sergant Kaltag was at
the controls I trust?
KALTAG: (Spins around) Dr. Steele!  What are you doing out of your cell?!
STEELE: All that bouncing and banging around caused the locks to malfunction.
BALTO: (Checking his computers) He's right.  Actually a lot of things were
knocked offline.  Unless we make repairs soon we could lose life support,
gravity and propulsion.  That was quite a bit of debris we passed through,
probably the remnants of a dying planet.
KALTAG: (Checking his sensors) According to our sensors there's a habitable
world not far from here.
BALTO: Good, we'll put her down there and make our repairs.
(Once on the surface of the alien planet the family begin inspection of
their damaged starship.)
KALTAG: It dosen't look good.  Boy, we got hit pretty bad.
BALTO: It'll take at least 72 hours to fix all this damage.
TERMINATOR: (Gives his time-analysis) I ESTIMATE AT LEAST 86 HOURS, 12
BALTO: (Throws paws into air in disgust) Great!  Well we might as well get
started right away.
JENNA: Why?  Where are we in such a hurry to get to Balto?  I don't know
about anyone else, but I'm tired of being cooped up in that ship. (Gets
funny smile on her face) Besides I wouldn't mind spending some time with my
husband alone.
(Balto tries to keep a straight face)
KALTAG: She's got a point.  We might as well take some time to reconnoiter
the area.  This is going to be our home for a few days.
BALTO: I guess Kaltag is right.  We should explore the area.  Check out
what's around. (Then to Anabelle, Dixie and Star) Kids, I want you to take
your weapons and bring the Terminator with you.  Don't go too far.  We meet
back here in half an hour. (Then to Kaltag) We can't leave Steele here alone
Kaltag.  Take him with you but keep an eye on him.
(So Kaltag and Steele trek off...Later the husky bully tries bribing his
ex-blood brother)
STEELE: Kaltag.  Must you keep that toy-gun pointed at me?  I have no
weapons of my own.  I'm harmless.
KALTAG: (Dosen't fall for joke) What do you take me for Steele?  I'm not
falling for any of your tricks.  You're only harmless as long as I have my
friend with me.  If it were up to me I'd kill you where you stand, but some
reason Balto wants you alive.
STEELE: You wouldn't dare shoot me in the back?  Not very sportsmanlike of you.
KALTAG: But you're an inhuman piece of scum who dosen't deserve to live.  So
it dosen't matter.
STEELE: We are not so different as you would like to believe Sergant.
(Suddenly his foot hits a root causing him to stumble and fall headfirst)
STEELE: (Cries out) Whoa!
KALTAG: (Suprised) Steele!
STEELE: Oof! (He hits the bottom of a large pit knocking himself out)
KALTAG: Steele...can you hear me?
(Evil husky glares up at his ex-blood brother)
STEELE: Not that you care Sergant.  But I seem to be no worse for my journey.
KALTAG: Believe me, I care Steele.  I don't want you to die before I get a
chance to kill you myself can you climb up?
(Ignoring him, Steele notices something lying nearby)
STEELE: Well what have we here?
(It appears to be some kind of alien power-suit.  Meanwhile Kaltag calls
down again)
KALTAG: Steele can you hear me?  I said, can you climb up?
(Steele continues to ignore him, inspecting the power-suit.  It resembles a
future-tech version spacesuit...He notices a strange control-pad containing
STEELE: (Finally answers) Yes Sergant I heard you.  But I can't seem to move
my legs.  I think they're broken.  I'm examining them now. (Reaching forward
he touches the pad which emits a BEEP followed by a HMMMMMM sound.  An evil
smile spreads across his features)
STEELE: Yes it is definitely broken.
KALTAG: I'll go get help...But if you're lying, if this is some kind of
trick I swear I'll kill you.  That's a promise STEELE! (And with that he
walks away)
STEELE: Yes it's all an elaborate scheme so that while you're gone I can
stay down in this dark hole and become king of the mole people.  Beware of
my rodent minions now go get the others!
(Removing the helmet faceplate he makes a shocking discovery)
STEELE: Hel-looo?  Taking a little nap are we?  Then you won't mind if I
borrow this for awhile.  I'd ask but I don't want to wake you.
(Unfortunately the alien creature, the owner of the power-suit is dead.
Finally suited the husky bully prepares to make his escape)
STEELE: Hmm...Nice fit.  Well, let's see what this impressive piece of
equipment is capable of.
(With that he punches another button on the control-pad.  Suddenly twin
rocket-boosters activate sending him rocketing upwards towards the hole at
the top.)
STEELE: (Cries in shock) WHOA!
(Finally he reaches the top of the pit and looks around)
STEELE: Well, well, well.  This is promising...Hmhmhmhmahahahaha!!!
(Meanwhile on another part of the world Balto and Jenna sit side by side
underneath a tree gazing up at the twin moons above)
JENNA: Funny isn't it?
BALTO: What's that?
JENNA: It's just that at home.  On earth you were so caught up in your work
that we never spent any time together.  And now it's your work that has
brought us together.
BALTO: A billion lightyears is a long way to go to find the person standing
by your side.  But I would have crawled that distance on my hands and knees
to be with you.
(Giggling both canines lean forward to kiss...Suddenly a loud explosion
rocks the surface.  It causes both to look up in shock and horror)
BALTO: Huh?  What-the?!
JENNA: (Alarmed) The children!!!
(Meanwhile Dixie, Anabelle and Star with the Terminator also heard the
explosion blast)
(Steele is test-firing his weapon systems)
STEELE: This is good.  Very good indeed.
(He fires another salvo firepower causing more blasts)
(At the same time Balto goes running out to investigate)
BALTO: The kids will know to go back to the ship. (To Jenna) You go meet
them there, I'll go investigate!
(Later he catches up with Kaltag, together both try to find out the
mysterious explosions)
BALTO: But Steele couldn't have anything to do with these explosions.
KALTAG: Well they're coming from his direction.  And I wouldn't put it past
him, it's just up ahead.
(Suddenly the bully steps into view.  Dressed in the power-suit he blows on
the wrist-laser gun like a cowboy as he mockingly teases Kaltag and Balto
who gape in horror)
STEELE: Hello gentlemen.  It looks as if the WOLF has a new commander.
Captain Steele...I like the way that rolls out.
(Kaltag takes aim with his M-41B Pulse Laser Rifle)
KALTAG: Captain Steele?!  Not on your life pal.
STEELE: Ohno?  On yours, then!
(With that he shoots another blast.  Explosions knock Balto and Kaltag off
their feet)
BALTO: Jump! (Together they hit the ground.  Steele laughs wickidly)
STEELE: Oh Sergant.  I was so hoping you would say something like OVER MY
DEAD BODY.  I had a wonderful comeback planned for that one.
(Leaping back to his feet Kaltag and Balto fire away)
KALTAG: If I ever get my paws on you.  You're a dead dog STEELE!
(But the shots bounce harmlessly off the armor)
STEELE: So you have said countless times which is why I am forced to protect
myself in this fashion!
(He fires again and again trying to kill them.  Balto and Kaltag run for
their life heading back to WOLF-2)
BALTO: Let's get to the ship!  Maybe we can take off and find somewhere else
to make our repairs.
KALTAG: (Puzzled, confused) Where the hell did he get that suit?!
(Back at the starship the other family-clan prepare to escape)
JENNA: Okay, everybody on the ship now!
STAR: But what about dad?!
JENNA: (Firm) I gave you a direct order Star.  MOVE!
(Another blast hits behind her.  Turning she sees her husband and pilot
Kaltag running towards the ship, chased by Steele wearing the power-suit
trying to kill them)
BALTO: (Shouting) Get in the ship, get in the ship!
(Dashing into the cabin, Kaltag activates the controls shutting the airlock
as Balto runs thru the closing doors.)
JENNA: Balto!  Was that Steele?
BALTO: Don't ask me how, but that's him!
(He jumps into the commander's chair and begins activating controls)
BALTO: We're so badly damaged I don't know if we can even take off.
(At that the starship begins to lift upwards.  Star calls out)
STAR: It's working dad, we're lifting off!
BALTO: That's not us son. (Realizing what's happening) Hang on!
(Steele has picked up the starship like a toy.  Throwing it thru the air
like a frisbee the husky bully sends the WOLF-2 crashing into the side of a
mountain.  Raising his hands in victory Steele laughs but it is not his own
instead it is alien)
STEELE: (Alien voice) !@#$%^&*()-=+ (Startled he asks himself) What on earth
did I say?
(Inside the ship Kaltag begins punching controls)
KALTAG: We can use the ship's weapons...if they're still functional.
BALTO: Sergant those torpedoes are meant to be fired in the vacuum of space.
Not within an atmosphere.
KALTAG: Exactly...if this dosen't stop him I don't know what will.
(Once the weapons come online he shouts)
(The missiles slam into Steele's powersuit.  It carries him headlong into
another mountain.  Rubble and debris crash down around him.  Realizing
what's going to happen he cries out)
KALTAG: Everybody hit the deck!
(Suddenly a loud explosion erupts with blinding white flash and loud
shockwave BOOM!)
(Yelling to be heard over the noise Balto exclaims)
BALTO: I don't know if this was such a good idea!
KALTAG: It was the best thing I could come up with under pressure.  Besides
it killed him didn't it?
BALTO: That remains to be seen.  We know nothing about the properties of
that suit.
KALTAG: C'mon...Nothing canine could have lived thru that.
BALTO: I'm telling you, the noise alone from that explosion was enough to
wake the dead.
(Suddenly from the firey haze a strange figure emerges.  It is the powersuit
but it's not Steele wearing it.  Instead the husky bully has been morphed or
transform into an alien creature!  He is the very same version of the dead
creature in the pit.)
STEELE: (Alien voice) !@#$%^&*()-=+ (Translated) I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!




Part 2

(Continuing the comic-story of the summer movie...)

BALTO's VOICE: Dr. Steele Smith is a first-class scoundrel.  He tried to
sabotage the Robinson Family's mission by programming their robot to kill
them.  Unfortunately for him his plan backfired and he, as well as the
Robinsons, ended up lost in the expanding universe.  There are many reasons
for the Robinsons to despise Dr. Steele.  He is a spineless canine who would
betray them as soon as look at them.  And has.  At times you could describe
his behavior as inhumane.  But up until a moment ago, he was, at least canine.
<Staring outside the front viewscreen the family gasps in horror>
BALTO: Is that?!
DIXIE: Whoa!
KALTAG: First a spider and now this.  Have I mentioned yet that I don't like
this guy?
JENNA: We had better get some kind of plan and fast.  That thing means
business. <Suddenly she cries in terror> Too late!  Brace yourselves!
<Steele, the alien monster activates another weapon system.  Launching
another missile barrage the creature attacks WOLF-2.  The starship is hit
broadside and knocked upside down covered by debris and rubble>
KALTAG: Everybody okay?
BALTO: We're fine.  Try hitting him with the blasters.  It won't stop him,
but maybe it'll slow him down until we think of something.
<The ship is upside down with the family sprawled on the ceiling>
KALTAG: Way ahead of you.  Just as soon as he gets a little closer.
<He arms the blaster cannons.  Steele stares in confusion>
STEELE MONSTER: !@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) What-the?!
<He releases the cannons.  Explosions strike the creature.  Unfortunately he
is unhurt by the impact.  He begins checking himself over and sees no
injuries.  With that he erupts into evil laughter!>
<Kaltag is shocked because nothing seems to hurt the alien>
KALTAG: Nothing?!  Unless we get lucky and that thing laughs itself to
death, we're in trouble.
<Suddenly once again the starship begins rising into the air because Steele
has siezed the ship>
BALTO: Hold on tight everybody!
<Again the Steele monster hurls the ship like a baseball and it slams hard
into the ground.>
STAR: I think I'm gonna spew.
ANABELLE: What's that noise?
<She hears sound of metal being ripped apart>
<Suddenly Steele Monster yanks off the airlock door frightening the family clan>
STEELE MONSTER: !@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) Suprise!!!
DIXIE: <Screams again> EEEEEE!
<Balto, Jenna and Star take aim with their pulse laser guns>
BALTO: Steele, is that still you in there?
STEELE MONSTER: Smith !@#$%^&*()-+= Professor.
BALTO: I don't know what's going on with him, but this might be a good time
to escape to the outside.  I want everyone to grab whatever supplies you can
KALTAG: Leave the ship?  Are you nuts?!  Why don't we just give him the carkeys?
BALTO: Kal, I will argue with you later, but right now LET'S GO!
<Suddenly Steele Monster grabs his head in pain>
STEELE MONSTER: !@#$%^&*()-=+ (Translated) Ooohhhh my head!
KALTAG: Okay, but I think you're wrong.  If you insist, let me at least
distract him while he's babbling to himself.  Give you canines a chance to
get out.
<He then leaps forward to attack Steele>
STEELE MONSTER: (Suprised) !@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) Huh?!
<Kaltag dropkicks Steele Monster to the ground.  Balto shouts to his family
BALTO: Out, out...everybody out!
<Steele Monster grabs Kaltag by throat choking him>
KALTAG: (In pain) GK-NHH!
STEELE MONSTER: (Translated) I will destroy you stupid dog!
<Now he throws Kaltag thru the hatchway and causing him to slam hard into
the cliff-face.  Smiling evilly the husky-alien dissapears back into the
ANABELLE: You all right?  That was stupid.  You could have been killed.
KALTAG: I'm fine.  I've been hurt worse.
ANABELLE: I'm not suprised.  Nothing could crack your thick skull.
<Kaltag turns on Balto and cusses him out>
KALTAG: Smart move, professor.  Hand over the ship.  Only now how do we get
home?  I think we're too far out to get a taxi.
BALTO: We didn't have a choice we had to leave.
KALTAG: Well, what do you suggest we do?  Because it looks like it's his
ship now.
<As Steele Monster stares out at the canine mutants he hears a familiar
sound behind him.  Turning he discovers it's Ravage trying to get back onto
his swivel tracks still calling out his programming warning>
<Angrilly the creature fires on the T-800 shorting out its control systems,
then laughs as the Terminator dies>
STEELE MONSTER: (Laughing) !@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) Victory is mine!
<Now outside at a campsite the family clan begin discussing about what to do
BALTO: At least if that creature wants to take the WOLF, it'll have to make
repairs.  And that will take time.  Give us time to think, come up with a
plan.  I wonder if Steele is in control or if that thing has taken him over
KALTAG: I don't know and I don't care.  Before he changed into that big
alien it was Steele, and he tried to kill us.  And in case you've forgotten,
it ain't the first time.  The man does not "PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS."  This is
the price we pay for letting him live.  Maybe now you'll see things my way.
BALTO: But consider this Kal, when I spoke to that alien, there seemed to be
some remnant of Steele there.  Maybe we can reason with that part of the
<Kaltag laughs>
KALTAG: HAHAHA!  Reason with Steele.  Good one. <He continues> As far as I'm
concerned, this is a combat situation and I'm now in command.  This problem
needs an agressive and violent solution.
<Jenna becomes angry as she tries talking sense to the pilot>
JENNA: That thing is as close to indestructable as anything I've ever seen.
What do you suppose we do?  Hit it with some of these rocks?  Because that's
all we've got to fight with!
<Kaltag appears to think for a second, then takes rock from her hand>
KALTAG: I'll think of something.
BALTO: Good.  You can think while the rest of us sleep.  You've got first
watch tonight.
<Now scene changes to Steele trapped in darkness>
STEELE: (Puzzled & Confused) Where am I?  More importantly, who am I?
Wait...it's starting to come to me now.  My name is Steele.  Steele Smith.
Now what is the last thing I remember?  As I recall, the WOLF had just fired
on me...there was a massive explosion.  I must have been killed.  And this
place is HELL.  No that dosen't make any sense.  If this were hell, the
devil himself would have been down here to see me by now.  Probably to offer
me a job.  Or ask for my autograph. (He panics) No!  I'm not dead.  But if I
am not in hell...the question still remains...Where the hell am I?
<The Steele Alien begins making repairs.  Nearby the unconsious Ravage T-800
is still attempting to come back online, still repeating the same command
programs again and again>
<Steele hears the sound and becomes annoyed>
STEELE: (Still trapped in darkness) Will you shut up, you clattering
container of gears and circuts..I am trying to think!
<Alien repeats same words>
STEELE MONSTER: Will you shut up, you clattering container of gears and
circuts...I am trying to think!
<Suddenly he gasps in suprise.  Pain once again hits him, causing alien to
grab head in agony.  He starts hitting commands into his computer wrist
controller.  At same time Steele senses something is happening>
STEELE: Eh?  Something's happening.
<He begins to fade away, crying out in horror>
STEELE: (Yells in fright) NO!  I WON'T GO!  I WON'T GO!  I WON'T G...
<But he dissapears into darkness again.  Meanwhile the alien continues
making repairs to starship>
<The following morning a laser-shot rings out as Kaltag strikes down an
alien creature as Dixie and Balto cry out>
BALTO: Kaltag!
<He scolds the pilot who holds up the dead creature for inspection>
BALTO: There was no reason to kill it.  It wasn't bothering us.  Besides, it
looks harmless enough.
KALTAG: Two things.  One, this is an alien world.  We don't know what's
harmless.  And Two, with only one day's supply of food rations, we'd better
start trying to find alternatives.
BALTO: Hmm.  I guess you're right.  We'd better think of something.  Any
ideas about how to get the ship back?
KALTAG: Zilch.  As long as that thing has the suit on, there's no way to
fight it...unless...<Suddenly he slaps head with paw as a lightbulb goes off
in his brain> Of course!  Why didn't I think of it before?  I'm so stupid!
ANABELLE: <Giggling> Admitting that you have a problem is the first step,
Kal I'm proud of you.
KALTAG: <Blushing> Cute.
BALTO: <Also laughing> Boy, you stepped right into that one didn't you?  So
what's your idea?
KALTAG: Doctor Steele got a hold of that suit after he fell down that pit.
Maybe there's another suit down there or something.
<Soon both friends return to the pit.  Kaltag is lowered into the hole by
Balto using a rope for leverage>
BALTO: Good thinking, Kaltag, let's check it out.
KALTAG: I still got a little ways to go here.  Not too much farther, now
okay, that's it.  I'm at the bottom.
<Balto calls out>
BALTO: Anything?
KALTAG: Nothing yet. <Suddenly his flashlight illuminates something> Whoa!
BALTO: Kaltag, are you okay?!
<Kaltag notices the dead body of the alien creature>
KALTAG: Yeah, I'm fine.  I'm okay.  Nothing to worry about.  Let's see what
else is down here. <Looks around the cavern> Nothing great.  Well might as
well head back up. <However his foot is about to hit something below> It was
worth a shot, I guess. <Then he falls forward onto his face> WHA?!
BALTO: Kaltag!  Don't worry, I'm coming down.
KALTAG: <Calls back> No S'Okay.  I'm fine.  I just tripped on something.
<He looks around to see what his foot stubbed on>
KALTAG: Let's see what's under here.
<What he notices lying on the ground is incredible to behold>
KALTAG: <Gasps> WOW!
<Now he begins climbing back up.  Balto strains to hold onto the rope>
KALTAG: I found something.  I'm going to need you to pull me up.  Brace
yourself, it's heavy!
BALTO: <In pain> GRRR!  You weren't kidding. <Strains against pull of rope>
Jeez!  Feels like you found another suit huh?
<Kaltag's hand appears over the lip of the pit as he calls back>
KALTAG: Nope.  It's not a suit, but something just as good I think.
<Reaching out the half wolf grabs onto the husky's hand>
BALTO: Here, give me your hand.  If it's not a suit, what is it?
<Kaltag emerges into clearing holding a large future-tech pulse laser rifle
or machine gun.  Balto has a startled, shocked look on his face!>
KALTAG: <Showing off weapon> THIS!





Good, that worked.  I'm just guessing at these repairs.  Mind you, but my
guess is better than yours would be considering this is all alien technology
to you, my reptilian friend. (He issues next instructions) That's it, pull
it toward you.

(Suddenly a powerful ZZZZAK!  WA-ZZAK!  electrical shock surges through the
alien's body!  It screams in pain and is knocked to the floor.  It groans in
agony as it tries to recover.  In darkness the creature siezes Steele by the
throat in attempt to strangle him!)

!@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) Why you traitor!  I outta kill you!
STEELE (Begging for mercy)
Traitor?!  No, I swear I didn't know!  I told you before that I was
guessing.  There is only so much that I know.  Who you really need is Kaltag
and Balto Robinson. (Sneering look on his face) And I can help you get them.

(Later behind some rocks outside the starship the Robinson Family prepare to
takeback their ship.  While Balto, Jenna, Anabelle, Dixie and Star look on
Kaltag walks towards the airlock hatchway carrying the gun.)

BALTO (Still uneasy about plan)
I still don't think this is such a good idea.  But Kal's the soldier, I'm not.

(Kaltag shouts a challenge to the creature inside the ship to come out)

YO!  Special delivery for Mr. Lizard-Dog!
Well, well, well.  It seems the mountain has come to Mohammad. (Alien is
puzzled by that remark)

!@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) What does that mean???
Oh, it's just a saying from my planet.  It dosen't matter.  What does
matter, however is that that dog out there is one of the people we need.

(Alien steps outside to investigate.  Kaltag swings the laser gun into
firing range, finger on trigger.  Smiling evilly he shouts!)

Recognize this?
!@#$%^&*()-+= (Translated) Holy shit!
Say cheese!  FIRE!

(Husky pilot opens fire sending a laser blast directly into the monster.
Alien is knocked off-balance and crashes hard into the side of a cliff-face.
It laid sprawled, unconsious for a few seconds then climbed back to its feet
holding its shoulder in pain.  In darkness Steele mimics the motion as he
too felt the blow)

That's an understatement.  I've never felt such pain.

(Alien returns fire nearly hitting Kaltag...Shockwaves bowl him over
backwards.  Angrilly Kal jumps back up and prepares to shoot again when at
the same time the alien presses some buttons on his wrist control sensor.  A
similar light flashes on one side of the gun accompanied by a familiar
BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP noise.  Startled Kaltag reacts too soon as the gun flies
out of his hands and into the arms of the creature.  It speaks in Steele's
voice as it takes aim on the shocked, suprised dog.)

ALIEN (Using Steele's Voice)
What was it you said Sergant.  Oh, yes...Say Cheese, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Suddenly the beast fires back at Kaltag.  Explosion hits the husky lifting
him into the air and throwing him backwards like he was propelled by a
bungee cord)

ANABELLE (Cries in horror)

(Kal's body strikes the ground and he lays stunned.)

KALTAG (Moans in agony)

What's that thing doing to him?!

(She looks on in horror as the alien reaches down for the unconsious pilot's
head as if to mind-meld with him.  Balto, anger in his eyes charges out to
rescue his pilot as Jenna, Star and Dixie try to stop him)

Balto, no!
No dad, don't!  He'll kill you!

(Ignoring them the half-wolf leaps onto the back of the alien.  Startled for
a second, then recovering from the sneak attack the monster back-hands Balto
hard in the face and body sending him flying into the side of a cliff-face!)

BALTO (Cries out)
BALTO!!! (She screams in fear of her husband.  Running to him she tries to
revive him) Balto, can you hear me?  Are you okay?

(Balto finally gets to his feet.  One side of his face is bloody from impact
of blow.  Left eye is blackened or swollen shut.)

BALTO (In pain, but still alive)
I'll be okay...(Looks over towards alien picking up Kaltag who is coming
back around) But what's that thing doing to Kal?

(Alien leaning down speaks to Kaltag, he is suprised to hear its voice
sounds almost like STEELE's!)

Do not die Sergant Kaltag.  It is not your time yet.
KALTAG (Confused)
No, not Steele.  He has allowed me to access his language centers.  I am
Vol-Eck.  You are a brave dog, Sergant, you deserve to know about the cause
you will help to support...even if your participation is not entirely voluntary.

(With that the alien mind-melds with Kaltag showing him another
realm...Another world populated by alien beings who resemble humans and
canosapiens of earth.  Suddenly a great war erupts when another alien race
attacks the homeworld.  In the conflict Kaltag sees a young alien leader
about to lead his people into COMBAT to save his planet and
race...Unfortunately he himself is wounded in a asassination attempt.
Escaping for his life the alien hides in an underground cavern.  Knowing
that his body was dying he could program his battlesuit to preserve his
essence.  And if an enemy should try to claim the suit as a spoil of war he
would, in a sense be posessed by the suits previous owner.  Then he
remembers waking up in the heart of a firey explosion with only one thing on
his mind.  Get back home, get back to the war!)

STEELE's VOICE (Commanding the alien)
That's it.  Take a hostage!  They'll do anything you ask if it means saving
his life.  They will not sacrifice him, they are weak that way, HEH HEH HEH!

(Suddenly releasing Kaltag from the mind-meld the alien grabs the husky
canosapien around the throat and jams the muzzle of laser gun against his neck!)

You will repair this ship and take me home or he dies!
BALTO (Surrenders)
I guess we have no choice.

(Reluntantly Balto, Jenna, Dixie, Anabelle, Star and Kaltag now hostages are
ordered to fly the WOLF-2 into space again heading towards their new
destination.  Vol-Eck sits behind Kaltag still holding him hostage at
gunpoint while husky pilots the ship)

Okay, where to?
You know my memories, so you know the coordinates for the Chaquee
Nest-World, the enemy of my people.  I will go there and continue my fight.
Course plotted sir. (He activates hyperspace controls sending the WOLF-2
into lightspeed.)

Where is it? (He can't see anything except for the asteroid field again once
the ship emerges from lightspeed) This is the asteroid field that damaged
our ship.  I think this is what's left of your enemy's home-world.
It's been destroyed.  Looks like you won the war.
VOL-ECK (Laughs in triumph)
HAHAHAHA!  It is over then.  Take me home to my beloved world where I can
celebrate our victory.

(Soon the starship enters the atmosphere of a purple alien-planet.  Vol-Eck
excitedly exclaims)

There she is...Aumook, the shining star of the galaxy.  My home.

(But as the WOLF-2 begins flying over the landscape, all the family sees is
a war-torn devastated planet.  Burned, ruined buildings, twisted metal,
melted steel, concrete, glass, and rubble strewn debris lay scattered about
the ground below...)

JENNA (Puzzled)
We're not picking up any life-sign readings.
VOL-ECK (Angered, Sad)
NO!  This cannot be!  We were so much better than the Cha-Quee.  So much
more deserving of victory, of survival!

(Once the ship lands everybody steps out to investigate the ruins.  Vol-Eck
stares around him in helpless rage and sadness thinking he has lost the war
and that it is his fault his people are dead.)

VOL-ECK (Sadness in his voice)
Was it all for nothing?  So many fought, so many died. (Falls to his knees
and buries his face in the ground as Balto and family look on) Now,
everything we ever accomplished has been erased from history.  No more
hatchlings will be born to carry on our legacy. (Steele too mimics the same
words in darkness feeling the alien's sadness)

STEELE (Still trapped in dark)
No more hatchlings will be born to carry on our legacy.
I am a warrior with no war to fight.  A soldier without an enemy has no
purpose.  It is my time to die.

(He punches more buttons on wrist-control sensors and suddenly the face of
Steele re-materalizes back into view again.  He is finally freed from the
powersuit's curse!)

STEELE (Finally free)
If only you could have seen my beloved Aumook.  It's all gone, gone.

(Tears fall down his face as Kaltag takes aim with his phaser)

KALTAG (Finally getting ready to
take his revenge)
Okay Steele.  Now it's your time to die.

(But Balto stops him again)

No Kal, don't kill him.
KALTAG (Furious)
Why not?!  When that thing mind-melded with me I found out that Steele made
a deal with it.  And even before that thing posessed him he tried to kill
us.  He dosen't deserve to live.  I'm going to put him out of his pain once
and for all!

(But Balto pleads with Kaltag not to take revenge by killing another)

Look around you Kal! (Gestures at bombed, ruined landscape around him) This
is what their violence got them.  Our mission was to help the
human/canosapien race colonize the galaxy, but if all we bring with us is
hatred and war and violence and death, then maybe it's a good thing we
failed.  Be better than these people...be better than Steele.

(Kaltag, phaser still trained on Steele's back while the bully is still
crying on the ground hesitates for a second or two before lowering his gun
or reholstering it.)

KALTAG (Swears)
DAMN! (Later back onboard the WOLF-2 returning to space again) Let's just
get out of here before I change my mind!

(And once again Balto, Jenna, Dixie, Star, Anabelle, Kaltag and Steele
together with the Terminator T-800 return into space either trying to find
Alpha Prime or Earth!)

                                                THE END!