The Simba's Pride Picture Archive

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Scene 01 Opening Song He Lives in You
Scene 02 Princess Kiara
Scene 03 Timon and Pumbaa Babysitters
Scene 04 Kiara Meets Kovu
Scene 05 Simba and Zira
Scene 06 We Are One
Scene 07 The Outlanders
Scene 08 My Lullaby
Scene 09 Rafiki's Resolve
Scene 10 Kovu's Teaching
Scene 11 Kiara's First Hunt
Scene 12 Timon and Pumbaa Spying Kiara
Scene 13 Fire in the Pridelands
Scene 14 Simba's Dilemma + Nightmare
Scene 15 Kiara's lesson + Rhinos
Scene 16_17 Stars + Upendi
Scene 18 Ambush
Scene 19 One of Us
Scene 20 Kiara Despairs
Scene 21 Love will find a way
Scene 22 Timon and Pumbaa Babysitters
Scene 23 The Fight
Scene 24 Zira's revenge
Scene 25 The Pride


You can use those pics for your web page or anything you wish, The pics are here for that.

But It took me some long weeks to capture/edit those pics, so feel free to add a line with credits and a link to my page , I won't mind ;)

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